Erimus War Memorial

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Erimus was an area of three streets (Erimus Terrace, Pioneer Street and Stainton Street) and a hotel that once stood mid-way between Thornaby and Middlesbrough, it was built to house the workers of the Erimus Ironworks. ehotelErimus

The whole area was demolished in 1963 to make way for developments on the railway and is now near the road junction for Teesside Park on the A66.
Thornaby, Erimus Terrace War Memorial
A war memorial was erected in 1920 at Erimus for the six local men who died in WW1.
Private J R Donnison, 2nd Yorkshire Regt.
Stoker A Wright, H M S Carribean
Stoker J R Sharp, H M S Queen Mary
Private J G Wales, 9th Yorkshire Regt.
Private T Munroe, DLI
Private W Munroe, DLI

The memorial moved to a chapel in Thornaby in 1959 and was moved to it’s current location in the cemetery in 22/7//2006 where it was unveiled by Mayor Pat Large and Ken Craggs.

3 thoughts on “Erimus War Memorial

  1. My dad grew up on the Erimus, on Pioneer Street. It was a kind of ‘no mans’ land’ between Thornaby and Middlesbrough; neither council admitted to owning it…..

    • My dad, Ron Thompson, passed away on 22 March 2016. 3 days ago. He was Erimus born and very proud to have been.

      He was Thornaby through and through.

      I miss him and wish him well on his journey to the Summerlands.

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