Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough

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The Primitive Methodist Church opened Wednesday, 10th August 1892 at a cost of £4,000 for 700 worshippers. Designed by Mr J. Shield of Sunderland.

Messrs Perks and Sons Stockton and Middlesbrough, are the general contractors for the whole of the work; Mr Hewitson, Newcastle has the slating; and Messrs Rule Bros, Sunderland, the plastering.
Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
A great number of inscribed stones are installed around the building.
Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
Mr James MacDonald on behalf of the Sunday School, October 7 1891
Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
In Memorium. Lucy Meredith died July 8 1891. JM.
Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
Robert Clapham Esq. Vice Presedent of the PM Conference October 7 1891

Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
Mr Thomas Pickering (date worn away, but presumable also October 7 1891 like the others)
Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough
Miss Wappatt and Mr James Clarke, October 7 1891
The building orginally had a much more ornate front but this became unstable, probably due to heavier traffic and was rebuilt in 1981 in a much simplified form.

7 thoughts on “Primitive Methodist Church, Middlesbrough

  1. Agreed – especially when the Archbishop of Canterbury has come out against the Pay Day lenders. In terms of the building, they have desecrated dignity. I am surprised that the Middlesbrough Development Control Officers let this one through.

  2. When did Teesside Uni use it David? I’d not heard about that. Yes, I think many people feel it’s a bit wrong, having the money changers in the temple, but the Methodist still have control of the building and therefore the final say. The body of the church is still there though, but just upstairs now. It had a rather cavernous nave which was three storeys high, which has now been reduced by adding a new floor. Apparently as long as advertising signs are ‘sympathetic’ to the building, then the company who use it can express themselves as I see fit. (Not sure about the bright yellow canopy, but at least it follows the line of the door arch. Hmm.) Generally I think they did a nice job of redeveloping the church, with lots of rooms that can be rented out, and far better that it’s being used than falling into dereliction, like the cathedral. I just wish it wasn’t the payday loan people.

  3. Thank you for putting these images online as I don’t live in Middlesbrough anymore.It has revived memories long past and I vividly remember singing in a Methodist Choir event here back in the late 1960’s and enjoying it immensely. Although not a regular church attender now I do feel that children who don’t miss out on the experiences and confidence building aspects of church life.
    I went to The Avenue Methodist Church and the Youth Club which was great!

    • The iconic edifice now stands as a mosque serving the ubiquitous Pakistani community. I’m a Nigerian on a short visit to the UK and I just trekked by and the building and its today fate caught my attention.

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