Beresford House / Park View, Grove Hill

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These two identical houses were built 1865-67 for Thomas Vaughan.

No 274 Marton Road was known as Beresford House.
Beresford House / Consett House, Grove Hill
In 1889 it was onwed by Marmaduke Watson Proudlock who was the general manager of the Teesside Iron and Engine Works.
The next owner was Colonel Penry William who renamed it Consett House, he was later to become MP for Middlesbrough in 1910. In later years it has served as a Salvation Army Home.

The neighbouring Park View was originally owned by Sir Joseph Calvert (one time Mayor of Middlesbrough), it became a medical centre in 1932 under Dr William Irwin.
Park View, Grove Hill

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  1. The Salvation Army used it as a registered children s home, They renamed it simply ‘Newhaven’ to reflect the ethos of the home.

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