Albert Park Tree Plaques, Middlesbrough

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There are a large variety of plaques in the park associated with trees planted for major events.  I’m sure i’ve missed some.

Mayor Charles Willman Esq
Jubilee of Middlesbrough
6th October 1881

There should be another planted by Lord Frederick Cavendish according to records from the day.
Charles Williams Middlesbrough Jubille Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Mayoress of Middlesbrough
Councillor Mrs H. M. Levick M.D.
Centerary of Middlesbrough
7th July 1931
Mrs H.M. Levick Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Chairman of Parks Committee
Councillor Emanuel Spence J.P.
Centerary of Middlesbrough
10th July 1931
Emanuel Spence JP Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Captain H.C.R. Bolckow
Centerary of Middlesbrough
7th October 1931
Captain H.C.R. Bolckow Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Mayoress of Middlesbrough
Mrs Thomas K Briggs
Royal Silver Jubilee King George V and Queen Mary
6th May 1935
Mrs Thomas K Briggs, Silver Jubilee Tree Plaque, Albert Park

Mayoress of Middlesbrough
Mrs Geo Carter
Corononation King George VI and Queen Elizabeth
12th May 1937
Mrs Geo. Carter Coronation Tree Plaque, Albert Park

1 thought on “Albert Park Tree Plaques, Middlesbrough

  1. I am Emanuel Spence’s grandson and I have the Plaque in my back garden.

    My Grandmother was the first lady mayoress of Middlesbrough and I have all the papers for the creation of Linthorpe Road by my Grandfather.

    I have the only hand painted gold plaque for recognizing their services to the town.

    My Aunt Hilda was married to John Forbes – Forbes buildings and my Aunt Freda;s Husband created GKN from McNays Metals.

    Hope this helps


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