Another Guidestone, Glaisdale Head

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Immediately adjacent to the previous post, this one is a little more eroded.
Guidestones, Glaisdale Head
A Whitby Road side again.
Guidestones, Glaisdale Head
And it looks like another Peckrin (Pickering)
Guidestones, Glaisdale Head
“TH” has also inscribed this one with what looks like a number 73
Guidestones, Glaisdale Head
Ironopolis suggests this is Thomas Harewood of Glaisdale, who inscribed many stones in the area. Some of these are dated in the 1730s, so I suspect this originally carried a date from that decade and the last number has worn away (possibly 1733 if you squint)

1 thought on “Another Guidestone, Glaisdale Head

  1. Hi Chris
    Stanhope White interprets this one as having a “medieval-type” base inscribed Whitby Road, E… Road, TH1735.
    Best guess at the E… would be Egton

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