Northallerton Purple Beech Trees

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May 12th 1937 These Purple Beech Trees were planted in commemoration of the coronation of His Majesty King George VI.
Northallerton Purple Beech
The trees were planted in the order named (South to North) by members of the Northallerton Urban District Council

T. Woodhead J.P.C.C.
A. E. Skelton
C. Fowler
G. J. Cotton
W. Barker
G. East
J. Avey
J. Kellett
A. Howard (Chairman)
R. Hill
W. Watson
R. Norris

I. W. Atlay J.P. (ex-councillor)
E. O. Hillyard Surveyor
H. G. Hanan Medical Officer of Health
Zion Women’s Guild of Service
Northallerton Purple Beech

They can all still clearly be seen from the Google Maps view.

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