Dancing Stone, Danby Dale

Some weeks ago I posted photos of what I believed to be the Dancing Stone which i’ve since found to be incorrect, it was the Hanging Stone.
Peter Mernagh has kindly provided the following photos of the correct location.
_MG_0106 copy
_MG_0113 copy
_MG_0143 copy
They clearly show the carving by John Castilo with the words “Neu Hees Deead” (Now he’s dead) added afterwards that I was unable to locate (because I was not in the right place)
_MG_0076 copy

2 thoughts on “Dancing Stone, Danby Dale

  1. Thats a great find Chris. I’d not heard of the Dancing Stone and a link with Castillo too, fantastic, I’ll have to visit.
    I don’t suppose that during your researches that suppose you’ve come a cross any folklore for the Hanging Stone or the origins of the name, we have a few locally and there’s plenty nationally. By strange synchronicity I’ve just posted this on the Hanging Stone above Hutton Lowcross http://teessidepsychogeography.wordpress.com/2015/01/04/the-hanging-stone/

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