Mining Geology Of The North York Moors – Friday 3rd February

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Mining Geology Of The North York Moors By Dr Steve Liverast
Local Jurassic rocks include Ironstone, Coal, Cement, Jet, Building Stone and Alum
Find out about the formation and resulting mining of these ores
Friday 3rd February at 7pm
St. Matthew’s Church, Grosmont
Donation of £3 includes refreshments

We are very fortunate to have a superb sequence of rocks across the North York Moors. They helped pioneering geologists define the early framework of the science and continue to be used to train the next generations. However the rocks have also been exploited throughout human history to build prosperity and develop the region. The Jurassic section spans some 50 million years of deposit and contains a large variety of ore minerals including ironstone, coal, cement, jet, building stone and alum. Each ore required unique environmental conditions for its formation and the talk will outline what these were and illustrate the resulting mining activity used in extraction.

The photo shows Cleveland Ironstone seams and infilled mine adits near Staithes

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  1. Wonderful photograph. This photo and Jurassic information really makes ”ban ‘Fracking’ protestors look REALLY ill-informed Mining of various products below the North York Moors has been going on for hundreds of years – we need to taking advantage of it, not ban it. Perhaps another term, simply ‘mining’ rather than ‘fracking’ might help? My English geologist friend who has worked in various parts of Europe including England (now lives in Texas) has assured me that ‘Fracking’ is totally harmless – is NOT toxic, nor does it involve getting rid of forests as has been claimed.

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