North Skelton Miners Payslip

Theres lots of information held within this payslip that Gavin Brett shared, theres quite a bit thats difficult to read so I will add to this over time.

Dorman Long and Co. North Skelton Mines, 9th November 1935.
The payslip is for two people, G Thornton and  (J Barnet ?) suggesting they were working as a team, probably one breaking the rock and one filling the tubs.
Their token number is 163, this would allow the weighman to record the stone extracted by them at surface.

They only worked 1.5 days and extracted over 29 tons of ironstone and a small amount of sulphur (this sits in a thin band at the top of the ironstone)

Theres a small amount paid for a consideration I can’t read.

The district percentage might apply if a certain area was more difficult to work than other parts of the mine.

8% piecework award, not sure yet.

Yards I suspect would be for driving passages through unproductive ground.
They are paying for their own blasting powder, its not provided.

The checkweightmans fund it most likely to pay for an impartial individual to confirm that the mine owners internal weighman is not underpaying the miners.

Northumberland and Durham Miners Permanent Relief Fund Friendly Society - Established in 1862, following the Hartley Pit Disaster, for provision of relief to miners and their families in case of fatal accidents or permanent disablement. The fund was wound up in 1995.


The amount earned is equivalent to about £90 today, so not much for 1.5 days work by two people

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  1. I read the second name as F. Barwick and the further consideration as being for Fouls.

    There is a Frederick Barwick living at Moorsholm in the 1911 census. At that time he was 34 years old and his occupation is “Ironstone Mine Deputy Underground”. This is unlikely to be the worker on the payslip, but it is possible that he had a son who would be the right age to work as the second man in a team.

  2. This is very interesting. My grandfather’s brother died at Eston mines in 1890. I tried some years ago to trace mine records for Eston but seemingly they are no longer. Moved when the mines closed and shunted around Record Office, Middlesbrough Library, one of the steel companies ……..
    My g-grandfather, grandfather and his three brothers, plus numerous of their sons were miners.
    Interesting to see from this payslip some of what there working lives were like.

    • I’m sure a lot of it is now available in Teesside Archives as a result of the British Steel Archive project a few years ago.

      Ref No BS.BV/5/1/1
      Title Eston Ironstone Mine (including Chaloner Mine)
      Date 1855 – 1929
      Extent 3 bundles
      Description Collection of leases, agreements and licenses from ironstone mining operations at Eston and Chaloner Mines.

      • Many thanks, will try there. It’s some time since I tried to source the records. At that time BS thought they were with TA, and vice versa!!

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