Stump Cross, Danby

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Stump Cross stands a few hundred meters to the east of Danby Beacon at the junction of two medieval trackways.
Stump Cross, Danby
Stonegate which runs from the village called Stonegate to Danby Beacon and Leavergate which runs from the Danby Beacon towards Easington.
Stump Cross, Danby
It is thought the original cross shaft was longer and only the broken ‘stump’ remains, although given its current name of ‘Stump Cross’ that break must have happened in the distant past.

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  1. About 50 years ago I had a beautiful set of hand-written/drawn monochrome postcards (a la Wainwright) and fading memory says this might have been one of them. I commend the recollection to other old f@rts out there and invite further comment!

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