Elizabeth Mary Lynas Murder – Guisborough 27th December 1903

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I don’t normally dwell on the ghastly side of local history, but this is something that came up a few years ago when a friend of mine lived in the house on Bennison Street where it happened. I’ll add nothing to the news reports from the time except some photos of her grave.


10 thoughts on “Elizabeth Mary Lynas Murder – Guisborough 27th December 1903

  1. I grew up and lived in Bennison Street for 17 years. My mother says I never settled at night and I always claimed that a girl sat in the corner of my room reading me stories. Something I’ve never really believed. After leaving the home we once bumped into the new owners who said they were enjoying their new home, however their child claimed that a girl was in the corner reading her stories at night! 😱

  2. I believe this little girl would have been cousin to my grand father , had she not been murdered .
    I have visited the grave , there are artificial flowers on the grave . I would like to visit again and clean the head stone , but don’t want to offend any one . any suggestions ???
    Edward Lynas

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