End of Paddy Waddells Railway – Glaisdale

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The scheme to build Paddy Waddells Railway (or Cleveland Extension Mineral Railway to give its full name) was started in 1872 and intended to connect Kilton Thorpe to the ironworks at Glaisdale. The scheme struggled financially from the outset as the Eskdale mines and furnaces in the South all struggled, whilst iron mining and production became concentrated to the North in Cleveland. After year of inactivity the scheme was finally scrapped in the 1889. Glaisdale Ironworks having already closed by this point anyway.
Many parts of the infrastructure of the line were constructed, even though no trains ever ran.
End of Paddy Waddells
This bridge was constructed at Rake House in Glaisdale to carry the road over the railway.
End of Paddy Waddells

3 thoughts on “End of Paddy Waddells Railway – Glaisdale

  1. Apparently there are various remnants of the line in the area, such as a cutting in a field near Moorsholm and some earthworks off the Lingdale mine branch. An excellent book has been written on the subject which tell the story of the line.

  2. Probably the best known earthworks are the rise in the A171 where the Liverton road goes off ,this was intended to be a bridge over the line, there is also a section of embankment and cutting to the south of the road at the same point

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