King George V Fountain and Trough, Hurworth-on-Tees

Hurworth-on-Tees Pillar
This Public drinking fountain and horse trough was erected in 1911 for Alice and Maude Scurfield to commemorate the accession to the throne of King George V
Hurworth-on-Tees Pillar
The fountain head is badly damaged, with just the pipe remaining
Hurworth-on-Tees Pillar
The fountain no longer run and has been used as a flower bed.
Hurworth-on-Tees Pillar
Alice Scurfield died just a couple of years in 1913 and (Rose) Maude in 1936

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      Not entirely sure myself but they can recharge their credits here! :O)
      If it opens the eyes of the younger generation to the history around them then great! (just watch the road kids!)

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