Watson / Darnell / Mowbray Graves- Upleatham Church

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For many years there has been a massively overgrown plot at St Andrews, surrounded by railings.
Robert Watson Darnell - Upleatham Church
Persons unknown have now cleared this and revealed the graves hidden underneath, some of which are in excellent condition.
Robert Watson Darnell - Upleatham Church
One grave appears to belong to a Robert Watson Darnell of The Grange, Bishop Wearmouth,
Robert Watson Darnell - Upleatham Church
Robert De Mowbray Darnell seems to have spent most of his life in Dringhouses, so what keeps bringing people back to this family plot in Upleatham ?

The oldest grave appears to be MARY and WILLIAM WATSON from who all the others are descended, I have found the following reference to his will

William Watson, Upleatham in Cleveland. Yeoman. dated 20.9.1760, proved 12.11.1761 (f.161)
son Richard Watson
[copyhold lands etc @ Cockerton, Co. Durham which I purchased from my brother Thomas Raby]
grandson William Watson son of my son Richard Watson

Here are some transcriptions of the graves

110 In memory of ELIZABETH the wife of RICHARD WATSON who died August 4th 1773 aged 39 years, 1 month and 12 days. Also two of their sons ROBERT who died October 12th 1735 aged …years, 3 months and 12 days. THOMAS died January 24th 1738 aged …years 9 months. MARGARET their daughter died June 22nd 1789 aged 26 years and 6 months. .LILLIAN DARNELL who died June 12th 1803 aged 49 years and MARGARET his wife who died June 22nd 1739 aged 36 years. Also WILLIAM DARNELL their son aged 65 years who died December 1850. Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died January 28th 1866 aged 79 years. In memory of RICHARD WATSON who died 28th May 18…aged …years. .Also RICHARD their son, late of Hilton, and interred at Hutton Rudby who died August 13th 1844 aged 57 years. “In my distress I cried unto the Lord and he heard “.


111 Sacred to the memory of ROBERT WATSON DARNELL of The Grange, Bishop Wearmouth who departed this life May 3rd 1829 aged 41 years. Also JANE, relict of the above ROBERT WATSON DARNELL, who died at Redcar September 1857 aged 76 years. “There remaineth a rest for the people of God”. Sacred to the memory of ELLEN DE MOWBRAY DARNELL, the beloved child of ROBERT MOWBRAY DARNELL and ELLEN his wife, who died October 12th 1842 aged 1 year 2 months. “Jesus said suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for as such is the Kingdom of Heaven”. Luke 18 v 16.


112 To the dear memory of ROBERT DE MOWBRAY DARNELL, Lieut Kings Dragoon Guards. Born August 1845 died 2nd December 1871. Beloved and only son of ROBERT MOWBRAY DARNELL and ELLEN his wife. “What …thou knowest not now but thou shalt know hereafter”.


113 MARY the wife of WILLIAM WATSON died November 22nd 1740 aged 39 years. WILLIAM WATSON died September 30th 1762 aged 65 years.


114 “My peace I give unto you”. ROBERT MOWBRAY DARNELL entered into rest August 16th 1886 aged 73 years. ELLEN HOARE DARNELL entered into rest March 3rd 1890 aged 74 years. “The Lord God giveth them light”.

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  1. Robert de Mowbray Darnell was 26 years old when he died, only his parents are mentioned on the transcription of his grave, so we may presume he was not married at his death. His parents live until 1886 and 1890 another 18 years after his death. He was a Lieutenant in the West York Rifles presumably based at York barracks. He had only been promoted to Lieutenenat in 1868, just 3 years before he died. He was a career army officer. In the circumstances it is likely that his parents wanted him to be brought back home to be buried.

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