Packhorse Bridge – Stokesley

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The Packhorse bridge in Stokesley is a Grade II listed building, dating from the 17th century.
Packhorse Bridge - Stokesley
It crosses the River Leven and would have been a route connecting Durham to Helmsley and York.
Packhorse Bridge - Stokesley
Interestingly this old postcard calls it “Taylersons Bridge”

Trev Teasdel solved the problem :-  If you look in the intro Daphne Franks pamphlet called Printing and Publishing in Stokesley, published 1986 by Stokesley Local History Group, she says in the parish register of 1759, Nicholas Taylerson’s occupation was given as ‘Printer’ at the time of his marriage to Miss Amelia Clarke in 1793. he was a member of a well known family of merchants in the town who gave their name previously to the Pack Horse Bridge. Also if you walk along the river towards the watermill, there’s a a cobbled path -or old road on the left which I think may have been the old road to Helmsley.

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  1. Re: If I’m thinking about the same cobbled path which you say is to the left – I think that path is on the right – it goes behind a terrace of cottages then continues almost due south towards the A172. Its signposted footpath which, in places is still cobbled, if you scrape back the grass!

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