Polish Forces, Dunsdale

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This piece of grafitti is something I saw mentioned on Facebook getting on for 7 years ago, and I never managed to find it. Then by total chance in lockdown I found it !

Polish Forces, Dunsdale

It;s getting extremely hard to read as the tree has aged, but says “Polish Forces 194?”

Facebook comments from a resident many years ago said :- there used to be an extensive camp at Dunsdale which was still visible when I was a kid. The Polish army was stationed there and they carved that beech tree.

3 thoughts on “Polish Forces, Dunsdale

  1. I remember this from 1960 on a tree between Dunsdale and Wilton. As I couldn’t find it years later I thought the tree had fallen down. The date is 1944.

  2. we lived at Dunsdal e in the 50s and 60s, Polish forces were never mentioned. Our tiny infant school was closed in late 50s, it was where car sale room is now.

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