Worts Well, Upleatham

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Worts Well served as the water source for Redcar from around 1855, it can be seen here on an 1894 map.

Records suggest 40,000 gallons a day emerge from it, but this was already insufficient for Redcar by 1895.

The spring is no longer used as a public water supply, but the cast iron pipe still remains with a large volume of water issuing forth.

Worts Well, Upleatham

4 thoughts on “Worts Well, Upleatham

  1. As there’s no natural discharge at the well, it left me wondering where all this water is going… I assume it goes to the pair of reservoirs just west of New Marske, between Longbeck Lane & Sandy Lane. The original smaller one near New Buildings Farm and the larger one just north of that, at Barr’s Plantation. If it’s not used as a supply anymore, does it just discharge from there into the Roger Dike? then where? must come out somewhere?

  2. would love to know exactly where this is too visit.I would love to find a natural water suply,as I do not like drinking from plastic bottles or out of the tap.Natural flowing water is the way forward.could you send me more details please,and thank you for this information.
    my e-mail is african_al@live.co.uk. Im eager to find as many old wells as possible.

    • Hi Allison Iv been there today, if you click on the show map above it will show you, unfortunately the gate locked and doesn’t look safe to enter, tockets mill own the well, they were telling me about it today, however it’s in a farmers field that is not owned by tocketts, tockets actually used to use the water supply from the well,

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