Kirkleatham and Redcar Traction Engine

No. 2350

This plate belonged to 10 ton single cylinder road roller built in 1888 which was dispatched new to Kirkleatham Urban District Council and later owned by Redcar Urban District Council.

This company advert from the same year of 1888 may give an idea of what it looked like.

1888 advert.

The only local photo I know which features a traction engine is this one from road laying at Lazenby, so there’s a very slim chance it could be the same engine.

At some point later in its life it was sent to Bomford & Evershed who were an agricultural machinery manufacturer and contractor based in Warwickshire, they formed in 1904 so it must be after than date, it was scrapped in the late 1930s

Many thanks to Stewart Ramsdale for highlighting this item when it recently surfaced at an auction house in Evesham, Worcestershire

5 thoughts on “Kirkleatham and Redcar Traction Engine

  1. In the 1960s, Charles Turner Farmers’ Friends in Lazenby had a traction engine. I think it was called Annie. It was in one of their warehouses. It wasn’t in working order as far as I know.

    I wonder what happened to that one. In the 1960s, my dad would take us to various traction engine rallies around Yorkshire. The “working” that they generally did was the take-off pulley would be powering a fair organ, so there was lots of music!

    I see that the FF site in Lazenby is now additional housing.

  2. Kevin, thank you. Of course it was “Alice”. Both names were common in the Holdsworths, Turners, and Listers. I don’t know how the families were related, but we were. My great aunt was Alice Annie Holdsworth. I picked the wrong name.

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