Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm, Redcar

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This plough was erected around August 2020, having been sourced from a farm in Moorsholm.

Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm

The plough carries the inscription Ord and Maddison, R.H. Ridging No.4

Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm

Ord and Maddison were based in Darlington but also had interests in limestone quarries in Weardale, the company existed from the 1850s until the 1950s

Ings Farm stood not far from the position of the plough, near the shops on what is now Warwick Road / Castle Road. The low garden walls on this estate are said to be constructed with stone from the farm

4 thoughts on “Ord and Maddison Plough, Ings Farm, Redcar

  1. When I first read the title I thought it was going to be something linked to John Walker Ord who penned a great book about the history of the area.. The History and Antiquities of Cleveland.
    It’s probably “out of date” now coz it was published in 1846 🙂

    A great book to read if you enjoy finding out about the history of our area.

    I was first introduced to the book by a school history teacher somewhere around 1967/8.. He wrote a book or six about Middlesbrough and the area.. His name? Norman Moorsom.

  2. I moved onto the Ings Farm Estate as a child when it was under construction in the early 1960s. I clearly remember the old farm buildings being demolished and the piles of stone being used for the front boundary walls. If you look at these low walls today you can sometimes see the old North Yorkshire coursed Herring Bone pattern on them.

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