Stockton – Billingham Boundary Marker. Mill Lane Wolviston

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Many thanks to Peter Edwards for submitting this photo and location of historic boundary marker visible on Mill Lane between Wolviston and Billingham.

It marks the boundary between Stockton Rural District (1894-1974) and Billingham Urban District (1923 – 1968) The first OS mapping to include this boundary is dated 1939.

1939 6” map showing the boundary. The marker is in the western hedge of Mill Lane
Overlayed onto modern aerial mapping.

4 thoughts on “Stockton – Billingham Boundary Marker. Mill Lane Wolviston

  1. It is not the original one. If you think back a few years to when there was a spate of scrap metal thefts from war memorials, cast iron drain covers , road signs etc etc. This sign fell victim to the thefts, I remember it had been removed and one little bit of the corner had snapped off. I’m unsure who funded the modern replica , and now it has been there a few years who would know?….but it is sadly not the original market.

  2. Sadly, around mid February 21, some scum bags have removed this, probably with an electric grinder looking at the bolts that were left. Would love to know were we could get a new one?

  3. That was the new one, its a replacement see my comment above. Maybe better left as it is because if a new one is installed it will probably get stolen again, very sad but as it wasn’t the original maybe not such a tragedy, let’s hope the thieves think they have the real one.

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