6 thoughts on “Downed Heinkel Memorial, Bannial Flatt Farm, nr Whitby

  1. Its definitely still there, theres a very similar stone pillar at the other side of the roundabout which may be causing the confusion.

  2. Dear Sir.
    I am Geoffrey Powell, formally Geoffrey Pallett ex SAC RAF Bomb disposal sqn based at Goldsborough and worked out at Fylingdales moor clearing munitions left over from the war as it was a firing range…We travelled daily to do this work from Goldsborough..We carried bomb locators and kit to and from the job. one afternoon we dropped off the vehicle and decided to look around this site with our locators and came across a machine gun and ammunition/boxes This was in 1961/63. To answer the question is the plate still there? relating to the young P/O Peter Townshend…., …when I was last on holiday 2 yrs ago it WAS !!! Great site ..Pictures of our work appear on east Cleveland on Line.. Thank you Geoffrey.. if anyone remembers me please contact me at geoffrey.m3uxb@gmail.com

  3. For the celebration of the 100 yrs of the Royal Air Force in 2018, a small service was held close to the memorial.
    It has been a concern for some time, that its’ current placing, made it difficult for its’ upkeep. Any gatherings around it were deemed unsafe.
    With that in mind. Whitby Town Council is soon to start the process of formaly adopting the memorial, to properly maintain it. To do this, the plaque needs to be moved to the other plinth on the East side of the junction. (As it does not mark the precise location of the downed bomber, it will still be a fitting tribute). Once in its’ new position, the area around it will be suitably landscaped, to allow easier access.

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