Victoria Pier, Coatham, Redcar

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The Victoria Pier was built in 1875 and intended to be 2000ft long, the Griffin and Corrymbus collided with it in a storm in 1874 before it was even complete and it was shortened by 200ft.

The pier had two two pavilions, the first an indoor skating rink. The second pavilion located in the middle of the pier, was for band concerts.

Regent Cinema, Redcar, Victoria Pier.

In 1898 the Birger collided with the pier,  splitting it in two and leading to its closure closed.


In 1923 the end of the pier was renovated and a glass and metal pavillion placed on top.


In 1928 this was in turn demolished and the New Pavilion Theatre built which finally became the Regent Cinema in the 1960s

Regent Cinema, Redcar Regent Cinema, Redcar

7 thoughts on “Victoria Pier, Coatham, Redcar

  1. I was tempted to search for The New Pavilion Theatre today and discovered this site. It brought back memories. As a young man of 18 I was an assistant stage manager playing parts in weekly repertory with “The North Riding Theatre Company” operated by one W.H. Lorraine from, I believe, Whitby. This was in the 1950’s.
    I had come over from what was then Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) to join a London newspaper but by chance applied for this job and got it!
    It was extremely hard work rehearsing a play every week whilst performing the one from the previous week. After the second house on Saturday we would “strike” the set and put the new one in place, often working in freezing wind off the sea as the sets were painted under the stage and were brought in via the beach!
    I returned to Rhodesia, then worked in broadcasting in Kenya and Tanzania before joining the BBC where I met the former producer at the Pavilion, Peter Ashby Bailey who was an actor in the “English by Radio” series of the BBC’s Overseas Services.

    • This is something of a moving experience for I too appeared with Te North Riding Theatre Company and at a young age making my stage debut in “The Family Upstairs” also playing Denis in Agatha Christies’ “Murder At The Vicarage. With the same Company I appeared at The Spa Theatre Whitby and The Playhouse Saltburn.

      I still have the programmes……no longer young but remeber every moment. Regards, David Michael Cooney.

      • Hi David.
        Do you have photocopies of programmes for Saltburn Playhouse ?
        Come across advert in Saltburn Guide Book for the NETC under Mr W H Loraine.
        Eric Lindsay

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  3. I have,..not so much a comment, but rather a question,…that maybe someone could answer for me.
    I grew up in Guisborough, and in my distant youth spent many, many hours on Redcar beach with family and siblings.
    Now,…….I remember this cinema, from the 1950’s. I remember the huge ‘ACHTUNG’ warning painted onto the ‘sea facing’ back wall……. a left-over from the war,…my dad said, ( to confuse an invading army ?), I think the lettering, about 15 ft in height, high up, was painted in red, the lettering being Germanic in style. The last time I visited Redcar ( about 25 years ago now, sadly ) this had been covered-up,….alas another childhood memory dissappeared )
    Does anyone remember if it was red or black, but most of all, that it WAS THERE.! My family (still in Guisborough ) think I’m imagining it !
    Any response would be appreciated,…….if a photo exists, it would be well received. Thanks. ……p.s. I hope a new pier will one day stride out through the waves on Redcar beach. X

    • I was just talking about this ACHTUNG sign and have not been able to find any other reference, I was told as a child in the early sixties that invading German troops would stand up and do a Hitler salute when they spotted it and would be easily picked off.

  4. My mother (Mollie Faulkner) was also a Stage Manager / Actress with The North Riding Theatre Company at Saltburn Playhouse and New Pavilion Theatre Redcar. She was just 17 years old and one of the youngest ever Stage Mangers listed by Equity.
    I have programmes* and pictures+ of the following shows from the Summer 1953 Season if anyone is interested.
    The season started on Thursday 23rd July and shows changed every Thursday

    The white sheep of the family+
    Here we come gathering*+
    September Tide
    Cat and the canary
    Joking Apart
    The Breadwinner*
    The Day is gone* (finished Thurs Sept 16th)

    The shows at the New Pavilion Theatre Redcar were
    Mon Sept 21st – Ten little niggers
    Mon Sept 28th – Travellers Joy
    Mon Oct 5th – The Deep Blue Sea
    Mon Oct 12th – Thark *+
    Mon Oct 19th – Relative Values*+
    Mon Oct 26th The Heiress*+
    Mon Nov 2nd Fly Away Peter*+
    Mon Nov 9th The Hasty Heart
    Mon Nov 15th Lady look behind you*+
    The Young Elizabeth*

    The Winter Season at Redcar then continued with a reprise of “The White Sheep of the family”

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