Powder Hole, Powder Wharf, South Gare

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Powder Wharf, South Gare, Redcar Powder Wharf, South Gare, Redcar

Some people say this is a First World War jetty, it may well have been reused / rebuilt then but the 1894 OS maps already shows a tramway running from the powder wharf in the direction of the gare, joining up with the tramway on which sail bogies were also known to run. This would tie in nicely with 1880’s submarine mine loading complex on the gare which presumably needed a supply of explosives.
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The small inlet immediately to the south east is known as Powder Hole.

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  1. I think this is connected to the Tees Submarine Miners, active from the late 19th century. My great grandfather was one of them, and I have pictures of him and others in front of the tents.

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