Middlehaven / Ship Inn Middlesbrough

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When I took this first photo in 2009 the Middlehaven was still open.
Ship Inn, Middlehaven
Middlesbroughs oldest pub the Ship Inn dated from 1831, although in recent times it sat in the no-mans land of the demolished St Hildas area.
Ship Inn, Middlehaven
Sadly it was destroyed by fire earlier this year.
Looking at the state its in now, it seems likely another of Middlesbroughs historically important buildings will be demolished.
Ship Inn, Middlesbrough
Ship Inn, Middlesbrough

3 thoughts on “Middlehaven / Ship Inn Middlesbrough

  1. This building should be conserved as an original old pub as it was when first opened, the people in the council have no forward thinking at all, there are many old buildings in Middlesbrough that could be conserved instead of left to rot, then tours could be done to all of these, it would give children and visitors a good idea what living in Middlesbrough in the 1800’s was like.

  2. It was a tragedy that the Middlesbrough Council demolished most of the area around the old market place including St Hilda’s starting in the late 60s.
    This area including West St, North St, East St. & South St. should have been preserved as an open Museum commemorating the birth of Middlesbrough, not to mention the modern town’s first house from 1830 at 26 West Street.

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