C.W.B Old Ghostsign – Middlesbrough

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Today I discovered a group on Facebook called GhostsignsUK that had been inspired by the occasional sign I’ve published, so here’s one especially for them.
CWB Old Painter and Decorator, Middlesbrough Ghostsign
C.W.B. Old Painter and Decorator, although I have no details on its age.

Update : Apparently this one has now been covered by rendering.

7 thoughts on “C.W.B Old Ghostsign – Middlesbrough

    • Hello, there is a faded sign on a rail bridge in northallerton on boroughbridge road. Might want to check it out. Rob

  1. I’ve looked for Old in my Ward’s Directories and found nothing in 1921-22 or 1930-31 and only an E. Old at 34 Elder Street, listed under Painters, Glaziers and Decorators in 1902-03.

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