1949 Industrial Adverts, Middlesbrough / Darlington

First batch that I posted on Facebook this week, thought it a good idea to post them here too as not everyone uses Facebook and if it didn’t just happen you’ll never find it.

Gjers Mills & Co, Ayresome Ironworks, Middlesbrough
Gjers Mills & Co, Ayresome Ironworks 1949

Darlington Railway Plant & Foundry, Bank Top
Darlington Railway Plant & Foundary 1949

Davy and United, Roll Foundry, Billingham
Davy and United, Roll Foundry, Billingham / Middlesbrough 1949

River Tees Conservancy Commissioners
River Tees Conservancy Comission 1949

6 thoughts on “1949 Industrial Adverts, Middlesbrough / Darlington

  1. Wonderful! ‘…a civilisation that has gone with the wind…’ (more’s the bloody pity…and that’s not a Brexit comment, but about the failure of successive governments to support those once proud and world beating industries)

  2. Agree with both comments above, Teesside has a very proud history but it been allowed to slip further and further into the past. I also don’t use facebook – so please post everything here as well. Great pictures. Thanks

  3. Fascinating to see the TCC original plan for four conventional docks along the banks of the Tees East of the present Teessport widened dock. Looking at the ad, it mentions the “proposed” Dorman Long Lackenby development and also cites “British Railways” as the rail operator. I guess the ad comes from 1949/50 or thereabouts. Wonder why the original idea was ditched. Just as well as the narrowness of these conventional docks could have mitigated against modern developments such as ro/ro ferries and containerisation

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