Stockton – Billingham Boundary Marker. Mill Lane Wolviston

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Many thanks to Peter Edwards for submitting this photo and location of historic boundary marker visible on Mill Lane between Wolviston and Billingham.

It marks the boundary between Stockton Rural District (1894-1974) and Billingham Urban District (1923 – 1968) The first OS mapping to include this boundary is dated 1939.

1939 6” map showing the boundary. The marker is in the western hedge of Mill Lane
Overlayed onto modern aerial mapping.

1949 Industrial Adverts, Middlesbrough / Darlington

First batch that I posted on Facebook this week, thought it a good idea to post them here too as not everyone uses Facebook and if it didn’t just happen you’ll never find it.

Gjers Mills & Co, Ayresome Ironworks, Middlesbrough
Gjers Mills & Co, Ayresome Ironworks 1949

Darlington Railway Plant & Foundry, Bank Top
Darlington Railway Plant & Foundary 1949

Davy and United, Roll Foundry, Billingham
Davy and United, Roll Foundry, Billingham / Middlesbrough 1949

River Tees Conservancy Commissioners
River Tees Conservancy Comission 1949

Stockton Co-operative Society, Billingham

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Despite its theatre/cinema looks this building was built as a department store for the Stockton Co-operative Society.
Stockton Co-operative Society, Billingham Stockton Co-operative Society, Billingham
The building is currently used as carpet shop, although the Billigham Players use the “Theatre Upstairs”
The building outline appears in its current form between the 1938 and 1939 editions of the OS map, although it could date from slightly earlier if the 1938 was already out of date.






I’ve found a reference to the nearby Heslops Brewey being sold to the Billingham Picture House Company in 1936 and demolished shortly afterwards, so suspect this whole area dates from around that time.

Granite Cross – Billingham Green

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This Shap Granite cross was erected at a cost of £44 in 1893, the idea of Rev Phillip Rudd. It was made by Bowrons of Stockton.
Cross Bilingham Green
The Prince of Wales, later to become Edward VII was supposed to unveil the cross, but his carriage passed without stopping.
Cross Bilingham Green
Unfortunately little remains of the original buildings around the green which has since been redeveloped.