Marske Mill, Saltburn

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There is evidence that the mill existed in 1649 and it was used for milling until the 1920s. The site contined as a farm but was eventually demolished in 1971.

There are a number of remains in the area, as well as the obvious buildings, theres a dam upstream from which a mill race can be traced to the mill.

Marske Mill, Saltburn
Marske Mill, Saltburn
Marske Mill, Saltburn

An archaeological dig was performed by Stephen Sherlock in the last 80s, the report from this can be found in Redcar Library.

Etching of the mill.

6 thoughts on “Marske Mill, Saltburn

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  2. In my employer’s photographic collection, there is a 19th century stereoscopic photograph showing Marske Mill in Saltburn. Thought you would like to know.

  3. I have an early photograph of the mill and the Victorian house on the right. There is a man standing on, what appears to be a stile beside a gate, at the entrance to the Mill Yard.

    • Hello Jonathan. my nanna Stella Ward, also grew up here. I think we knew John as Jack, sadly died in a POW camp. Also another brother Harry.

      • Hi Liz, my grandfather was Harry. I remember Stella too. We have handwritten letters from Jack somewhere.

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