7 thoughts on “National and Provincial Bank, Cleveland Club, Middlesbrough

  1. ANywhere else in the country the whole St Hildas area would be an important part of the town and a vibrant area. It seems that the Middlesbrough Council and Mr mallon just want to forget it.

  2. Good point Andy. With an area so rich in history it is a shame that it is being abandoned/steamrollered in such a way. I suppose this started in the 1960’s with the various redevelopment schemes, or you could even point to the clearances of the 1920’s and 30’s which saw the town centre move a mile south…..

  3. The town was always cut in two by the railway but putting the A66 Flyover through completed the process I think. It’s higher and wider than the railway even.

  4. The A66 ran straight through many really important buildings, St Hilda’s should have done to it what Hartlepool did and have a recreation but of an actual Victorian industrial town, like Beamish but better.

  5. I have been checking the history of the bronze doors and it seems they were commissioned by Holden and made in Birmingham, in 1937, for the National Provincial Bank on Albert Road. They were removed for cleaning in 1971 but it is highly unlikely that they have never been on any other building. For further information, another set of similar doors in stainless steel are on a Nat West Bank in Coventry, see ‘Flickr’

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