Crimean War Cannon, Memorial Garden Albert Park, Middlesbrough

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The cannon has a long history and has been in several locations since arriving in 1858, it overlooked Cannon Lake in Albert Park until 1947 before being dumped in Stewarts Park, recovered after an Evening Gazette campaign in 1965, with the Territorial Army until 1978, then to the Dorman Museum for 23 years and finally over the road into the Albert Park Memorial Garden in 2001

Middlesbrough, Memorial Cannon, Albert Park  

The right inscription mentions 1824, which is the year the cannon would have been cast.

Middlesbrough, Memorial Cannon, Albert Park Middlesbrough, Memorial Cannon, Albert Park

There are a number of other plaques to other conflicts and causes in the Memorial Garden

Middlesbrough Memorial Garden, Albert Park Middlesbrough Memorial Garden, Firefighters, Albert Park

Middlesbrough Memorial Garden, Green Howards, Albert Park Middlesbrough Memorial Garden, Navy and Marines, Albert Park

 UPDATE : One of my contacts ‘Picture Esk’ has come up with some very interesting information on the cyrillic inscription :-

The three lines of inscriptions carry the following information about the cannon-
First the registered number of the cannon, 19180.
Next are the Cyrillic letters for ALKND – ZVD, which is an abbreviation for the Aleksandrevsky Factory where the cannon were cast.
The Tsar held every craftsman responsible for his work. So every cannon bears the name of the master cannon maker on the bottom line. Heaven help the master cannon maker if the gun did not perform up to specifications. Your cannon bears the name FULLON.
This was Alexander Fullon who was director of the cannon factory from 1818 to 1833.
The name Fullon is not very Russian. He was son of The French cannon maker Foullon who had been persuaded to take charge of the same works from 1777-1786.

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