7 thoughts on “Middlesbrough Air Raid Shelter Sign

  1. A nice hidden sign (I hope it is still there) is / was on the East gable end side of the road that used to be Redcar Bus Staion where at the top was the faint shadow of a painted announcement for “United – Fast coaches to York Doncaster and London by the Great North Road – day or night”

  2. And (a pedant speaks) antoher sign that i know is still in place. On a door lintel beside the Yorskhire Bank in Church Street, Guisborough, there is a painted pub notice stating that’this house is open in the afternoons of a Tuesday for people attending the market and mart’. (that was for the cattle mart that used to be held at the rear of Patten Lane until the early 1970’s) The bank now occupies the building that was the old Red Lion pub. The sign must date from about about 1917 when the new licensing hours came into place. Before they were repealed in the 198o’s markets whihc enjoyed licensing exceptions were always a good bet for afternoon boozing at a timee when most pubs closed at 2.30 or 3.00 p.m. !

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