Scaling Dam Filter House

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Scaling Dam is unmissable, it was built in 1958 and apparently decomission in 1995 (which was news to me)

Scaling Filter House

A short distance away in Scaling is the Filter House, which still looked like it was maintained by Northumbria Water despite being a little tatty.An aerial view shows a number of overgrown settling ponds to the west.

3 thoughts on “Scaling Dam Filter House

  1. My dad used to sail at Scaling Dam in the 1990’s and I believe there was talk about NW stopping taking water from it in the near future. This ties in with the decommissioning date given.

  2. I also knew a guy who worked for NW and who had the job of overseeing the site security and sluices for the nearby Lockwood Beck resovoir. That had been decommissioned years ago, but I guess that like Scaling NW still had a duty of care and legal responsibility for the plant.

  3. My grandfathers dog got into difficulty in one of the filter beds which was more like a sludge and almost drowned. My grandfather only just managed to pull him out.
    There used to be a bonkers sheepdog called “Tip” who lived at the house on the site that always used to chase the car as we drove past. It was always a wonder that it didn’t get run over.

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