Captain Cooks Family Grave

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All Saints Church in Great Ayton contains the graves of James Cook’s mother and five of his brothers and sisters.
Captain Cooks family grave
My interpretation of the inscription :-

“To the Memory of Mary & Mary, Jane & William.
Daughters and Son of James and Grace Cook.
Mary died June the 30th 1737 in the 5th year of her age.
Mary died June the 17th 1741 aged 10 Months & 6 days.
Jane died May the 12th 1742 in the 5th year of her age.
William died July(?) the 29th 1747/8 aged 2 yrs 12 months 16 days 7 hours.
and also John their son died Sept the 20th 1750 aged 23 years”
Captain Cooks family grave, Grace Cook

“In memory of Grace Cook who died Feb 18th 1765 aged 63 Years and of James Cook who was buried at Marske April 1st 1779. The above James and Grace Cook were the parents of the celebrated circumnavigator Captain James Cook who was born at Marton Oct 27th 1728 educated in this village and killed at Owhyhee Dec. 14th 1779”

This inscription is actually incorrect as Cook was killed on Feb 14th 1779

Captain Cooks family grave

Cooks father is buried at St Germains in Marske

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