Wreck of the Creteblock – Whitby

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The MV Creteblock was constructed in Shoreham around 1919/20 from reinforced concrete rather than steel which was in short supply during World War 1 (although it was completed too late to see active service)
Wreck of the Creteblock - Whitby
Wreck of the Creteblock - Whitby
Smiths Dock used the vessel as a tug until 1934/1935 when she was brought to Whitby to be scrapped, the ship deteriorated there until 1947 when she was finally to be scuttled in deep water, however the boat sank in shallow water just outside the harbour and was later blown up
Wreck of the Creteblock - Whitby
Wreck of the Creteblock - Whitby

Care should be taken to check the tides before visiting this location

8 thoughts on “Wreck of the Creteblock – Whitby

  1. I remember seeing this wreck whilst walking along the cliff top once. I think there may be another wreck just past this one as well, althrough there isn’t very much left of the 2nd wreck.

  2. I always thought the ‘Concrete’ boat was a relic of WWII. Used as an anti Aircraft gun emplacememnt. Shows how wrong one can be.

  3. There is a second wreck, remnants of the ship “Rohilla”, just alongside Saltwick Nab. I grew up there and used to play in the wrecks when I was a kid! The tide goes way out and both wrecks are exposed for several hours.

    • The pieces of wreckage alongside the nab are actually the remains of the Belgian steamer CHARLES which went aground and was wrecked in February 1940. The remains of the ROHILLA are back towards Whitby roughly between the nab and the CRETABLOCK and lie in slightly deeper water ( although close inshore ) her remains never dry even on the lowest tides. I have dived on her many times over the years and due to the relatively shallow depth ( 6 metres at stern ) and close proximity to the shore she is completely smashed to pieces with her boilers remaining the biggest parts left, however she is still an interesting dive.

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