Wreck of the Rohilla – Saltwick Bay

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The Rohilla was launched by Harland and Wolff in Belfast on the 6th September 1906. On 6th August 1914 she became a hospital ship.
At 4am on 29th October 1914 the Rohilla struck rocks at Saltwick Nab near Whitby with 229 people on board. A huge rescue attempt was mounted that lasted several days due to the terrible weather conditions, however over 80 people perished. A huge amount of details on the disaster can be found on this website

A few fragments of the ship can be found to the west of Saltwick Nab, although care should be taken to check tide tables before visiting. Much more of the wreck remain still under the water.
Rohilla Wreck - Saltwick Nab Rohilla Wreck - Saltwick Nab

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