Whitaker Brick Company, Ravenscar

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This brickworks was setup in 1900 to provide bricks for the nearby Ravenscar development that never materialised, it is located inside an old Alum quarry.

The remains of the single large Hoffman Kiln are still to be found on the site.
Ravenscar Brick Works
Although heavily overgrown the outer doors can still be identified
Ravenscar Brick Works
Ravenscar Brick Works
Despite the failure of Ravenscar, the brickworks was next to the railway and found work supplying bricks to Scarbrorough until the 1930s. The chinmeys on the site remained in place until demolition in the 1960s.
A bridge nearby still stands that carried the abanboned Whitby to Scarborough line
Ravenscar Brick Works

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  1. Whitby or Scarborough DC have made an excellent job of opening up the old Whitby to Scarborough line for cyclists, walkers etc, which includes the lovely old viaduct at Larpool.

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