The Linthorpe Stag

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This statue of a stag was originally known as the ‘Golden Hind’ but is currently white and was black during World War 2.
Linthorpe Stag
The house was originally a residence called ‘Simpson House’ in the 1860s but became a shop in the 1890s. By 1904 it was Winterschladens wine and spirit merchants and the stag may date from this period
Linthorpe Stag

5 thoughts on “The Linthorpe Stag

  1. A weird fact that has stuck with me from schooldays is that the architect of the building was Thomas Crawford, he was also the architect of the Holy Name and St Clair’s churches in M’bro.

    • Hi Dawn, that’s really interesting. My family own the building and I was wondering whether you had any information about the building?

  2. My father used to say that it’s antlers aren’t the originals, they were blown off during an air raid in WW2. The Park Hotel which is nearby had bomb damage from a stick of bombs which fell nearby.

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