Frank Elgee Memorial, Blakey Ridge

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Frank Elgee was born in North Ormesby on 8th November 1880, when the Dorman Museum opened in 1904 he was made assistant curator and became the curator in 1923.
Frank Elgee Memorial

He authored numerous books on the North Yorkshire Moors such as The Moorlands of North-Eastern Yorkshire (1912), The Romans in Cleveland (1923) and Early Man in North East Yorkshire (1930)
Frank Elgee Memorial
He was instrumental in the excavation of the Iron Age hillfort at Eston Nab
Frank Elgee Memorial
Elgee died in 1944 and this memorial stone was erected in 1953.

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  1. There should be a link called “View on Map” on the page. But if you can’t see that, its right opposite the junction to Rosedale near Ralphs Cross NZ 767019

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