Redcar Mayors

A question was asked on the Redcar Memories group about a list of Mayors, I have pulled this together from Janet Cockrofts book which covered until 1968, and Evening Gazette reports.

I have tried to source photos of as many of the Mayors as possible, any mistakes are my own and I would welcome any missing photos or corrections.

1922 – 1968 Mayor of Redcar
1922Benjamin Owen Davies
1923Benjamin Owen Davies
1924Benjamin Owen Davies200Benjamin Owen Davies
1925William Wardman
1926Walter Sacker Hill 
1927Walter Sacker Hill 
1928William Metcalf
1929William Metcalf
1930John Emmerson Batty
1931Isabel Lonsdale
1932William Charlton
1933William Morris
1934William Morris
1935John William Farren
1936John Robert Nixon
1937David Roddie Semple
1938Richard Spellman 
1939Joseph Coupland
1940Charlie Harris (Killed in Zetland Club Air Raid)
1941William Arthur Place 
1942George Cruddas 
1943Albert Walker Chaplin
1944James Thomas Fletcher 
1945John Spurr Dixon 
1946Robert James Gillingham
1947Sydney George Shillito
(Term of Office moved from May-May to Nov-Nov)
1949Fred Laidley Wilson 
1950James William Coles 
1951Thomas Alexander Dougall 
1952Robert Hodgart Cowie
1953William Atkinson 
1954Reginald Kistler 
1954George Fall Andrew
(Took over after unexpected death of Kistler, hence two mayors for 1954)
1955Edward Bradburn 
1956Charles Rand
1957Stanley Linford
1958Ronald Hall 
1959Henry Armstrong Darling
1960George William Thorne
1961Philip Harvey
1962Albert William Kidd
1963Stanley Brotton
1964Joseph Coupland
1965Gordon Timperley Thornton
1966Lancelot Harold Barker
1967Hannah Cunningham 
1968 – 1974 Mayor of Teesside
1968John Appleby Brown 
1969Frederick Talbot Webster
1970Gordon Timperley Thornton
1971Ronald Hall
1972Maurice Sutherland
1973Leonard Poole
1974 – 1988 Mayor of Langbaugh
1974Gordon W Hodgson
1975J Morgan
1976Jack S Dyball
1977Leonard A Douglass
1978Pat J Zoryk
1979Ivy M Cole
1980Terry Collins
1981Norman Lantsbery
1982William Herlingshaw
1983Ron Jones
(thanks to Linda Jones for the image of Ronald and Muriel)
1984Steve Kay
1985Arthur S Seed
1986Les Morgan
1987Neil L Loughran
1988 – 1996 Mayor of Langbaurgh-on-Tees
1988D.W. Lane
1989Doug Moore
1990Beatrice S Lythgoe
1991Arthur F Harvison.
1992Brenda Forster
1993Vince Teasdale
1994Sam Tombe
1995Peter Todd
1996 – present : Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland
1996Frances E.W. Christie
1997Kath McBride
1998Garth Houchen
1999Mike Stephen
2000Robert Arthur Dobson
2001Vilma Collins
2002Eric Michael Jackson
2003Norah Cooney
2004Marjorie E Moses
2005Peter G.E. Spencer.
2006Mary Ovens
2007Wendy Wall
2008Mike Findley
2009Brian Briggs
2010Ray Goddard
2011Olwyn Peters
2012Denise Bunn
2013Vic Jeffries
2014Carole Simms
2015Brenda Forster
2016Barry Hunt
2017Karen King
2018Dennis Teasdale
2019Billy Wells
2020Carole Morgan
2021Carole Morgan
(Re-invested due to Covid in 2020)

8 thoughts on “Redcar Mayors

  1. As a Labour man, I did come across a short Gazette biography of David Coupland and used it for a short note on the old “Peoples Republic of Teesside” blog. The link is below. Of the other Redcar Mayors up until Teesside CBC came into being, I know that Bob Gillingham, George Thorne and Joe Coupland followed David as Labour office holders. Of those after Teesside’s formation, I knew most if not all – but fear of the courts makes me keep my mug shut about some !

  2. I have a photo of John Robert Nixon, Mayor of Redcar in 1936 who was my great uncle.. However, he is with his wife and small child. If you would like a copy I would have to remove the other figures. Please let me know..

  3. Good afternoon
    I am carrying out historical research on Mayors BO Davies and JA Brown and would like to use their pictures. Can you contact me to discuss

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