Thompsons of Osmotherley Established 1786

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Thompson’s in Osmotherley, began trading in 1786 and passed through six generation of the family.

Thompson Osmotherley 1786

Grace Thompson ran the shop alone and was still delivering newspapers aged 75 , she retired in 2004 and passed away in 2014.

A strict condition of the sale means any new owner has to run the building with all its original fittings as a shop, but unfortunately it still appears to be stood empty in 2022.

4 thoughts on “Thompsons of Osmotherley Established 1786

  1. I can understand the deceaseds’ wishes totally, and hope the building doesn’t go into a terrible state of dis-repair whilst some conclusion may be in the process for a satisfactory future for the building

  2. I remember shopping here as my sister’s boyfriends father had a cotage we stayed here in the village – 1977- 82. The shop was ran by 2 old women & they had “strange” things for sale….piles of newspapers too…I recall taking my wife and son there c. 2002….saying ” go on …go in and by something!” the league of G missed out here….next, Old Moon’s bakery across the road…beautiful bread just baked …if you had been up all night! plus the sister with the hump on her back…tha knows nowt lad!

    • Miss Moon’s teacakes were lovely. Thompson’s shop never changed over the years, the same Father Christmas stood in the left hand window each year, from the 1920’s to it closing and it was in the Tennants sale.

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