Justice Statue, Kirkleatham Almshouse

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This statue dates from around 1720 and is thought to be the work of James Gibbs, it was originally from the building Cannons in London.
Justice, Kirkleatham Almshouse
A year long restoration program has just been completed on the statue after splits were found in the outer casing and collapsing within the internal supporting framework.
Justice, Kirkleatham Almshouse
The pedestal was heavily weathered and on a slant, so this was also replaced
Justice, Kirkleatham Almshouse
The repairs were funded by the Paul Getty and the Wolfson Foundations, Tees Valley Community Foundation and the Pizza Express Foundation.
Heres a ‘Before’ shot from the photostream of Bolckow for comparison.
Justice, Kirkleatham Almshouse

One thought on “Justice Statue, Kirkleatham Almshouse

  1. Good afternoon all.
    What you are about to read can only be defined as the absolute definition of “Pedantic”, but here I go anyway…

    It has come to my attention that your reference to the Justice Statue in Sir William Turners Hospital defines the date of its creation being around 1720.
    However James Gibbs was actually fired from his job by James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos in 1719, after Sir John Vanbrugh disapproved of Gibbs design for the interior, claiming ” the inside is of poor Invention”.
    We can only surmise that with these dates being accurate that the Justice Statue was conceived and created between the years of his appointment, those being 1715 to 1719.
    And thats my rant. I told you I was going to be pedantic.

    On a more useful note, have you heard of Talking Statues? This is something popular in London and Manchester at the moment.
    Using a mobile phone and the square barcode (QR Code) technology, it would be pretty easy to setup something similar in Kirkleatham, offering visitors a little more information on what they are seeing.
    Being a Redcarpudlian I’d obviously offer my services & setup for no charge if you need my help. It may even be a good idea to get the Gazette involved if you “Ask the public” to write a 400 word monologue perhaps from the perspective of the few statues in the village.
    Here is a link to what the creators of Talking Statues are doing which you could duplicate without incident.

    Kind regards

    Michael R. Hall

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