Starfish Decoy Site, New Marske

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I believe this is the control bunker for a Starfish decoy site from WW2, I suspect the area was a decoy for the nearby Marske aerodrome which was used during the war.

I’m sure it will be fully explained when the relevent volume of Defence of the UK by the North Yorkshire and Cleveland 20th Century Defence Study Group is published.
Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods

Pipe at Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods

The pipe on the site is stamped with the name of the North Bitchburn Fireclay Company, which was apparently the brick making subsidiary of Pease & Partners who owned the nearby Upleatham ironstone mine.

UPDATE : As of August 2010 this site has been completely flattened and cleared by the farmer.

6 thoughts on “Starfish Decoy Site, New Marske

  1. There is a site up on the moors just behind Hutton Village on Great Ayton Moor. There is still a building by the track across to Percy Cross Rigg

  2. I visit this site on the 11 th August 2010 and got chased off the farmers land at 47 year of age getting chased,but the starfish decoy site is been distroyed all is left is rubble.

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  4. It’s gone? another piece of my youth demolished! many a happy hour up there with a few cans of kestrel, washed down with mad dog 2020 and white lightning.

    shame on mr farmer.

  5. ******* is the farmers name not a very nice person in fact a complete tool no one in New Markse has a good word for him ! He destroyed the decoy site control bunker even though it was on the list of buildings of historical importance and it wasn’t hurting anything with it being in the corner of the field. He has also destroyed any wartime related buildings including a home guard ammunition store that have been on his land.

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