Soap Well Sandstone Quarry

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I’ve been unable to find much history of the quarry, other than it already existed on the first Ordnance Survey maps of the area in 1856.

Soap Well Wood Quarry Soap Well Wood Quarry Soap Well Wood Quarry

Soap Well Wood Quarry  Soap Well Wood Quarry Soap Well Wood Quarry 

There is lots of old grafitti carved into the rocks, I found this one from 1921, i’m sure there will be earlier if you search throughly.

Grafitti Soap Well Wood Quarry 

2 thoughts on “Soap Well Sandstone Quarry

  1. There does not seem to be as much information out there with respect to sandstone quarrying in the area. Does anyone know of any books on the subject?

  2. Eric Towers lived in Southampton St , Redcar and was closely associated with the lifeboat and Coastwatch. I believe at one time he was a school master. In the early 80’s he regularly walked the country lanes around New Marske and once was mistaken for Barry Prudom (look that one up!)

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