Athina Livanos, Redcar 28th February 1937

I recently had the good fortune to obtain these original photographs from a local auction, they are not the same as any others i’ve seen of the incident.
Athena Livanos, Redcar 28th February 1937
Despite the Greek name, the Athina Livanos was a 4824 ton steamer built by Grays of Hartlepool and completed in October 1936, as this beaching took place on 28th February 1937 the ship was brand new and possibly on its way to its new owner.
A short Pathe News clip can be viewed here
Athena Livanos, Redcar 28th February 1937
The Athina Livanos was lost on 29/11/1943 when it was torpedoed in the Gulf of Aden by the Japanese submarine I-27

Middle Warren Pillbox, Hartlepool

This whole area is now in the middle of an extensive housing development, so I don’t think this one is going to be around much longer.Hartlepool Pillbox, Middle Warren

The Defence Of Britain database from the 1990s lists many in this area that are now gone under housing.
Hartlepool Pillbox, Middle Warren
Hartlepool Pillbox, Easington Road

I have received information that as of 26th July 2012, this pillbox has been demolished. Another one bites the dust.

Quaker Burial Ground, Darlington

The quaker burial ground can be found just off Skinnergate and contains over 1000 burials.
Quaker Burial Ground, Darlington
All the headstones are very simple in design as is traditional, despite some of them being the most powerful and influential industrialists and bankers in the area.
Edward Pease (1767-1858) – The Father of the Railways
Joseph Pease (1799-1872) – First Quaker MP
John Fowler (1826-1864) – Inventor of the steam plough
Henry Pease (1807-1881) – Founder of Saltburn
James Backhouse (1720-1798) – Founder of Backhouse Bank which eventually became Barclays.

Ralph Ward Jackson Statue, Hartlepool

Ralph Ward Jackson (7 June 1806 – 6 August 1880) was the founder of West Hartlepool and was the towns first MP in 1868.
Ralph Ward Jackson, Hartlepool
The sculptor was Edward Onslow Ford
Ralph Ward Jackson, Hartlepool

It was donated by Colonel J. W. Cameron, the founder of Camerons brewery to mark the jubilee of the opening of the towns first dock and harbour.
Ralph Ward Jackson, Hartlepool
The statue was unveiled on 12th June 1897 by the Marquis of Londonderry.