Hell Kettles, Croft-on-Tees

At first glance these ponds appear unremarkable, but the name and the aerial images hint at something much more interesting. They are actually sinkholes in the Magnesian Limestone

Hells Kettles, Croft-on-Tees

The holes are believed to have formed in an earthquake in 1179 and a huge amount of local folklore and legends have built up about site, which you can read on the ‘Old Corpse Road’ website. Links to Lewis Carols Alice in Wonderland have also been claimed as Charles Dodgson lived nearby as a child

The northern ‘Double Kettle’ is filled with water from surface run-off, however the water in the southern ‘Croft Kettle’ comes from subterranean springs, which is very noticeable on Google Earth imagery. The site is a SSSI as its the only place in Country Durham where this occurs.

Cleveland Railway Bridge, Flatts Lane

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The Cleveland Railway opened in 1861 as a freight line for the local ironstone mines, but the route quickly became duplicated and redundant and closed in 1873, after only 12 years of use.


This sandstone wall marks where the line crossed over Flatts Lane as it turned North towards Middlesbrough.

Cleveland Railway

An excellent account of the Cleveland Railway can be found in Andrew Pearson’s comment on this previous post