Samuel Plimsoll Plaque

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Samuel Plimsoll devised the Plimsoll Line (not just the pub on he High Street) to indicate the maximum legal limit to which a ship could be loaded, it became law in 1876 after a long strggle including Plimsoll calling members of the House of Commons “villains” and shaking his fist in the Speaker’s face

Samuel Plimsoll Plaque, Redcar 

The plaque on marks the location of the house in which he stayed when visiting Redcar.

Eston Miners Hospital Sculpture

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This sculpture of the hospital with a nurse and miner was unveiled in June 2010

Eston Hospital Sculpture Eston Hospital Sculpture

It was made by blacksmiths James Godbold of Egton for the Eston Residents Association, it is located on the site of hospital which closed in 1980 and has since been demolished.

Eston Hospital Sculpture Eston Hospital Sculpture


Update 17/8/2010 – Hardly two months gone and the sculpture has been already been vandalised 

Roman Signal Station – Huntcliff Saltburn

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An archaeological dig around 1911 / 1912 investigated the remains of a Roman signal station probably constructed in AD 367 and used until AD 390. A chain of these existed along the North Yorkshire coast to warn of coastal attack.

 Huntcliffe Roman Signal Station   Huntcliffe Roman Signal Station

A well was uncovered with the remains of 13 bodies inside, some artifacts from the dig are currently in the Whitby museum.

All traces of the site have now disappeared over the cliff due to erosion, and it doesn’t look like the information board will last much longer either.

Cliffe Ironstone Mine

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Cliffe was a small ironstone mine worked from 1866 to 1887. Virtually nothing remains on the site except depressions and discolorations in a field which mark the locations of the shafts.

Cliffe Ironstone Mine Cliffe Ironstone Mine

A railway siding which runs to the shafts and parallel to the current live railway can be identified.

Some remains of the base on which a Fowler traction engine was mounted exist, but I was unable to locate them in the long summer grass.