Westworth Reservoir

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Westworth Reservoir was built by the Guisborough Water Company around 1871, it has in recent years been abandoned.

Westworth Reservoir Westworth Reservoir   

I don’t know the exact date of closure and remodelling, but a 2002 report talks about the cross-section of the dam being left.

Westworth Reservoir Westworth Reservoir Westworth Reservoir

The overflow tower is the most striking reminder, along with a stone spillway which is gradually becoming overgrown.

Westworth Reservoir Westworth Reservoir

A small building and plinth remain for an “interpretation panel” that clearly never materialised.

Plan of Spa Wood workings under the reservoir (triggered by discussion in the comments)




Ironstone Reminders – Mansfield Road, Eston

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The two small parks at the end of Mansfield Road have had their fences decorated with reminders of the areas mining past by the Eston Residents Association

Eston Ironstone Fences Eston Ironstone Fences Eston Ironstone Fences

Eston Ironstone Fences Eston Ironstone Fences Eston Ironstone Fences
The panels depict miners tools, tubs, a midge lamp and a horse drawn tub.

Inside the parks are a couple of much older plaques from March 1951. One from Councillor J.T. Cook and the other J. Finegan (who the town hall is named after)

Eston Oak Tree Plaques Eston Oak Tree Plaques

Only one of the two oak trees remains today.

Ironstone Reminders – Eston Square

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The Eston Residents Association have put in a lot of effort to make sure the towns mining past isn’t forgotten.

A ‘book’ in the middle of the square gives a history of the town.

Eston History Eston History Eston History

A number of plaques adorn the railings and seats around the square.

IMG_1068 Eston Ironstone Fences Eston Ironstone Fences

Eston Ironstone Plaques Eston Ironstone Plaques

A replica ironstone tub stands in a nearby flower garden

Eston Ironstone Memorial Tubs

A plaque on the Eston Institute shows miners laying the foundations of the buildings some time around the turn of the century

Eston Institute

Mine Tub – Skelton Primary School

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Mine tubs are popular with local councils for flower arangements and art installations, however most are modern interpretations that use a lot of artistic license.

This one looks much more like the real thing and could well have some original parts.

Ironstone Tub, Skelton Primary School Ironstone Tub, Skelton Primary School  

I’ve tried to contact the school for any details of its history, but they are yet to respond. I’m hoping it has some link to the nearby Longacres mine.