Rosedale Miners Memorial Bench

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Other than the nice view, I’m not totally convinced the benefit of this bench by the old railway track a good distance away from any of the actual ironstone mining sites. Personally I think the money would have been better spent on consolidation work at any of the three sets of calcining kilns that are crumbling away.
Rosedale Miners Memorial Bench Rosedale Miners Memorial Bench

Hopefully the poem and reliefs of miners popping out of the top of Rosedale Chimney are by school children too.

Rosedale Miners Memorial Bench Rosedale Miners Memorial Bench

Roxby Mill

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My second abandoned mill of the day, in a beautiful but I imagine rarely visited setting. The walls of the buildings are still standing to a fair height and a set of steps is very prominent.

Roxby Mill Roxby Mill Roxby Mill

The mill is located next to an impressive waterfall.

Waterfall near Roxby Mill Waterfall near Roxby Mill

I cannot find any old images of mill, although it was painted by John Syer in the 1800s

Scaling Mill

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My copy of “Industrial Archaeology of North East England” from 1974 reports Scaling Mill as being intact with much of the gear still in site, sadly this is no longer the case in 2011. A weir and mill race running towards the mill can still be easily identified. A photo can be found here
 Scaling Mill - Weir Scaling Mill Race
The actual location of mill is little more that a few foundations now, although a small outbuilding is still standing and in the stream there does appear to be a cutting next to wall which could have housed a waterwheel.

Scaling Mill Scaling Mill Outbuilding
Some ruined farm buildings are nearby but away from the stream, they don’t look like they will last much longer either judging by the crack in the end wall.
Buildings near Scaling Mill Buildings near Scaling Mill Scaling Mill - Stopcock
A piece of long abandoned farm machinery is also hidden in the undergrowth.

Old Farm Machinery Old Farm Machinery Old Farm Machinery