Danby Beacon Rader Station – Flooded Underground Room

 A hatch in the middle of moorland leads down to a short entrance passage, which then drop down into a larger room.

Flooded Radar Bunker Flooded Radar Bunker Flooded Radar Bunker

The main room was a backup receiving area for the Chain Home radar station during the second world war, I am omitting the exact location on purpose as its filthy and flooded to the ceiling and you’ll only end up getting as wet as I did or worse.

Slightly damp 

Runswick Bay – Pillbox and Anti-Tank Cubes

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The area around Runswick has a number of wartime defences, as the break in the surrounding cliffs would have made a potential invasion point.

The pillbox is now on the beach due to erosion around its base.

Runswick Bay Pillbox Runswick Bay Pillbox Runswick Bay Pillbox

There are a number of anti-tank cubes in the immediate vicinity next to the sailing club, which was once the area of a minefield.

 Runswick Bay Tank Cubes Runswick Bay Tank Cube

Starfish Decoy Site, New Marske

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I believe this is the control bunker for a Starfish decoy site from WW2, I suspect the area was a decoy for the nearby Marske aerodrome which was used during the war.

I’m sure it will be fully explained when the relevent volume of Defence of the UK by the North Yorkshire and Cleveland 20th Century Defence Study Group is published.
Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods

Pipe at Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods Starfish Bunker, Errington Woods

The pipe on the site is stamped with the name of the North Bitchburn Fireclay Company, which was apparently the brick making subsidiary of Pease & Partners who owned the nearby Upleatham ironstone mine.

UPDATE : As of August 2010 this site has been completely flattened and cleared by the farmer.

Penalty Spot of Ayresome Park, Middlesbrough

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Middlesbroughs old football ground Ayresome Park was demolished in 1997 and a housing estate built on the site. A penalty spot is marked by a bronze football on a road called “The Midfield”

Ayresome Park Center Spot

Its parts of a number of pieces called “Trophy Room” by Neville Gabie