Tocketts Ironstone Mine Shafts

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Two mine shafts are easily visible from the footpath though the woods.

The first is a pumping shaft surrounded by a fence, it is 70ft deep and full of water and debris, a bricked up passage can be seen which was presumably to let water flow out into the beck after pumping.
Tocketts Shaft 5
Tocketts Shaft 4
Tocketts Shaft 6

The second is an air shaft with a large chimney, to aid the airflow in the sheltered valley.

Tocketts Shaft 3
Tocketts Shaft 2
Tocketts Shaft 1

Update : Here is a map of the rail link to the site provided by Andrew who has made some detailed comments below, it it based on the map available on the Waggonways site

Tocketts railway

Upleatham Church (almost) the smallest in Britain.

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Upleatham Church 2
Upleatham Church 5
St Andrews at Upleatham, for years I was told this is the smallest church in Britain, but unfortunately that honour goes to Bremilham Church in Wiltshire at 4m by 3.6m. Upleatham is about 6m by 4m
It is actually the remains of a much larger church as can be seen in this detailed report from the 1970s
Remains of the Lowther Vault exist towards the south-east
Upleatham Church 1
Upleatham Church 3

Marske Mill, Saltburn

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There is evidence that the mill existed in 1649 and it was used for milling until the 1920s. The site contined as a farm but was eventually demolished in 1971.

There are a number of remains in the area, as well as the obvious buildings, theres a dam upstream from which a mill race can be traced to the mill.

Marske Mill, Saltburn
Marske Mill, Saltburn
Marske Mill, Saltburn

An archaeological dig was performed by Stephen Sherlock in the last 80s, the report from this can be found in Redcar Library.

Etching of the mill.

Monks Walk, Guisborough Priory

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This area of the priory is not normally open to the public, but I managed to visit on a Heritage Open Day. The oval avenue of lime trees shows up well on the aerial photos.
Guisborough Priory Monks Walk

One area also contains a large amount of stonework recovered from the priory
Guisborough Priory Monks Walk Stonework
Guisborough Priory Monks Walk Stonework
Guisborough Priory Monks Walk Stonework
Guisborough Priory Monks Walk Stonework

Even though this area is not generally open, theres plenty more to see.
Guisborough Priory Gatehouse
Guisborough Priory Dovecot
Guisborough Priory
Guisborough Priory Tomb

More details on the Guisborough Priory Project website